In the last few weeks, I have spent some time reading research that has seen recruiters and HR specialists as protagonists, and I have noticed “recurrences” that can be useful to anyone looking for a new job.

The most sought-after skills

Today’s article shows which skills recruiters search for most frequently, and also which personality traits are rated as most interesting.

Learn fast

The first consideration is that they’re looking for someone who can learn quickly. In particular, recruiters are interested in those who approach new technologies without difficulty and can adapt with a certain ease and immediacy to non-ordinary situations.


Being optimistic, showing a positive attitude not only helps the person himself not to self-sabotage but helps to energize the group in which you work. Highly desired by breeders, highly desirable for themselves.

Top 10 Soft Skills Employers Love: 90+ Examples | Resume Genius

Work ethics

Having a strong work ethic means being tenacious, persevering, knowing how to complete the tasks assigned.


Today’s most valued candidates are capable of collaboration. Recruiters want to meet someone who knows how to work in a team; someone who is has shown that they can row in the same direction the group is rowing.

Proven aptitude for problem-solving ability

Moving from personality traits to skills, recruiters are looking for someone who has really demonstrated, in work or private life, the aptitude for finding non-obvious solutions. To put it another way, someone who puts the pieces together and creates new solutions.

Define a communication strategy

When you show off your skills to learn quickly, deal with problematic situations without interrupting work or needing someone else’s help, knowing how to collaborate with colleagues or superiors, work hard or naturally show a positive and optimistic attitude, you need to make sure these elements are highlighted not only during the interview but also in the curriculum, in the cover letter.

Be pragmatic. Think ahead of a strategy that allows you to show how these abilities or personality characteristics of yours emerged or strengthened over the course of past work or life experiences.

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