There are many things you can do to prepare for an interview. You can search for information about the company, try out the questions that will be asked by the recruiter, and, of course, practice. But after all, you have no idea which paths the interview will follow.

This can be frustrating, but here’s the good news: don’t worry about how the interview can develop or how crazy the questions you have to answer will be. All you have to do is remember the four goals you need to achieve between the handshake and the final goodbyes.

You will bring value from day one

If you can give the recruiter the idea that your contribution in the workplace will come true from day one, you have made the right move. This is the first goal to be achieved. To do this, carefully evaluate your most relevant experiences and make connections between them and the position you are interviewing for.

You will be in tune with the team (and not just “socially”)

Being in tune doesn’t just mean getting along with everyone. For this, while trying to be pleasant and friendly, you must not forget to indicate that you know very well what your role requires – that is, what function you hold and what your duties are within the team. By making an effort to communicate your awareness of the position you are applying for, you will stand out against all the other candidates (who have just been charming and friendly).

Colloquio di lavoro

Be enthusiastic about this opportunity

It is common to assume that an excited candidate is better received than one who looks, well, bored. But beware, there is a fine line between enthusiasm and despair. Asking questions about everything that catches your attention will make you seem fanatic (and distracting), unlike asking reasoned questions that will show your deep interest in the company and the position. Remember the difference. Being able to talk about the company, whether asking questions or not, will make a good impression.

Be lively

Finally, don’t let your professionalism overshadow your personality too much. After all, recruiters are looking for just that, as well as “professionalism”. Although no one wants you to be carried away by the story of a vacation in the USA to the point of forgetting to highlight the most relevant work experiences, do not preclude yourself from talking about it if the opportunity arises. Taking you outside the boundaries of professionalism could be a desire of the recruiter himself.

In fact, chatting about the things you are passionate about not only has the power to enhance the complicity between you and the recruiter, but it can make you a better candidate. Plus, everyone loves a little eccentricity.

I realize these things are easier said than done. But you can learn to manage them by focusing on just one of these goals for each answer. Everything you say can help the recruiter find qualities that interest them. And the more these qualities, the better.

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