Barca che affonda - 3 ragioni per le quali il tuo curriculum non è forte come credi

Surprises can be very pleasant, right? Those who like to find money in the pocket of a dress stored in the closet, or unexpectedly meet an old school friend.

However, not all surprises are so pleasant. In the job search, for example, the last thing you want to find out is that you aren’t perceived as qualified as you think you are, or your resume isn’t as appealing as you thought, resulting in your application – one step away from “success” – runs aground.

What matters, in this case, is to understand that the task of avoiding those mistakes that risk excluding you from the interview is first yours, and not of the recruiter: when you perfect your resume make sure you appear the right candidate by paying attention to these three errors.

The curriculum is a “dead-end”

These days, those who select want to know about you through different channels and platforms. For this reason, if your resume does not direct to some external source, it can appear as an annoying “dead end” and you can find yourself “in trouble” compared to other candidates.

Fortunately, solving this problem is quite easy. Just add a few links to your resume.

LinkedIn is becoming a standard – it’s an excellent place to start. To begin with, therefore, you can enter the link to your personal profile in your personal contacts. To do this in the best possible way, activate what is called “vanity URL”, that is, that simplified address that contains your own name and that eliminates from the link that mass of “junk characters” that make the hyperlink ugly.

In addition to LinkedIn, include links to your personal site or portfolio if you have one. The resources in this regard are many, and it is up to you to evaluate which ones to indicate.

Whatever you choose, remember to make it exaggeratedly easy to find those links in your resume that improve your image and increase the chances of success for your application.

Offering insights not only increases your professional credibility but also shows your aptitude for new technologies.

The resume “stinks” of copy-and-paste

In the split second when your resume says “what you read I did not write (candidate, ed)”, or worse still “what you read is not entirely true”, that’s the moment your chances of being contacted begin to sink. It is said that the sinking of the Titanic took place in 2 hours and 40 minutes, but your CV will only take a few seconds.

Don’t misunderstand: it’s good to ask outside help to collect, organize, improve your application and your “personal brand”, but make sure you rely on someone who is really experienced – perhaps a good CV writer – so that they can communicate an incredible way for you.

The people most qualified to do this job for you or with you are those who know how to evaluate and select the best of your characteristics with criteria; Most people (bad career coaches, your mother, a friend) generally just approve or give confusing information about you without really thinking about how the market reads your professional profile and what characteristics the position you are applying for has.

During an interview, there is nothing worse than being asked to provide information about a project or a sentence contained in your resume, and not being able to say a word.
So, if your current version of the resume contains words and details that do not make you feel comfortable, that you do not know the meaning of, or that you cannot explain perfectly, change them!

The same goes for those phrases that incorrectly describe your responsibilities (although they are capable of impressing the reader).

And if someone physically helps you edit the document, make sure it doesn’t contain any tracking or this person’s name in the document.

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The curriculum is not designed for mobile reading

According to LinkedIn, more than 50% of recruiters say mobile recruiting is among the company’s top priorities. Translated: the chances of your application being read by someone using a phone or tablet – rather than a comfortable, spacious computer – are very high.

For this reason, make sure you create and submit a resume that can be opened and read on mobile devices. In other words, prepare a simple document and test it by emailing it on a smartphone.

Forget fancy graphics, colors, and layouts as they make reading on small screens difficult or impossible. Use a clean and clear format and font (and for example, many people find it easier to read fonts like Arial on a screen). While you are texting your resume on the different devices, remember to also test the correct functioning of the links to external sources.

Now, what do you plan on doing with the beautiful and schematic resume you just perfected? Well, certainly don’t put it in a drawer, but keep it stored in a place (physical or virtual) that is easily accessible even when you are away from home or the office. Often the best opportunities are revealed at events, fairs, unscheduled meetings.

Obviously, you can’t know what the recruiter is thinking or will think once in front of your resume, but if you stay away from negative surprises by creating an easy to read the resume, capable of offering insights, able to define clearly your skills, rest assured that you are guaranteeing yourself the chance to be a competitive candidate.

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